The History Of The Chemical Peel

The History Of The Chemical Skin Peel From CJA Aesthetics in Hampshire

Believe it or not, the chemical skin peel, or the concept of a topical solution to trigger the skin’s wound healing process can be traced right back to ancient Egypt some four thousand years ago.

Forward-thinking ancient Egyptians were reported to use animal oils, salt and alabaster (a soft white mineral or rock, often used for carving) to regenerate skin for aesthetic purposes. In a nod to the distant future of non-surgical aesthetics we know today, the ancient Egyptians also depended on the lactic acid within sour milk as an active chemical agent for exfoliation.

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The Greeks and Romans took inspiration from their Egyptian predecessors, developing poultices from pumice, frankincense, tree resins, mustard and sulphur. According to findings by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the Greeks and Romans used their abrasive treatments to lighten skin tone, remove freckles and reduce wrinkles.

As time went on, various cultures across Europe and the middle east developed similar treatments to beautify, repair, lighten and soften the skin. In Hungary for instance, gypsies passed their ointment recipes down from generation to generation.

The modern-day exfoliating chemical peel that dermatologists are familiar with today began its development in the late 19th century.

chemical peels, top non-surgical clinics, hampshireViennese dermatologist Ferdinand Hebra, the father of topical dermatology discovered that repetitive application of tinctures (a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol) of iodine and lead could lighten freckles.

Without delving too deeply into scientific details, Hebra developed a treatment involving a lime-based compress to trigger blistering and ultimately lighten the epidermis of his patients. Various 19th century dermatologists further evolved Hebra’s treatments, experimenting with masks, lotions and poultices and refining their treatments.

In the mid 20th century George Miller Mackee, a notable British dermatologist (the chairman of New York University’s dermatology department) and his associate Florentine Karp published the results of almost 50 years of research – their publication becoming the first to correlate the ancient history and development of peeling with clinical results.

The chemical peel treatment that we know today stemmed from Mackee and Karp’s research, after refinement and clinical legitimacy via several contemporary esteemed dermatologists along the way.

Enerpeel® Chemical Peels at CJA Aesthetics Salons in Southampton, Portsmouth, Gosport, Southsea, Basingstoke & Winchester

Dr Chris Airey treats his clients with a pioneering chemical peel treatment by dermatology leaders SkinMed called Enerpeel. Enerpeel is a new, patented carrier solution which restrains the acid’s activity until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

In essence, Enerpeel releases its acid protons at a higher skin water content, so they accelerate through the skin, separating cells in a ‘cleaner’ quicker way.

This new development leads to a uniform and enhanced absorption of the active ingredients by the skin. As a result, skin penetration can be three times as effective as other chemical peel treatments and Dr Chris’ clients experience less surface trauma and a faster surface recovery.

Dr Chris’ Enerpeel treatment provides a cost effective, lasting skin rejuvenation with very little pain or downtime. For more information and a free, no obligation consultation, please get in touch with Dr Chris on 07500 722925.

Before & After Chemical Peel Results At CJA Aesthetics in Hampshire

View our before & after results with chemical peels at CJA Aesthetics and find out more about Enerpeel and The Perfect Peel here.

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