Competitively Priced Cosmetic Treatments at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire

Our treatment plans are bespoke to our clients and full pricing will be made available at consultation. However, to give you a guide, below you can find the start prices for individual areas to be treated.

Packages are available.  Contact us for more information.

1 area: £170
2 areas: £220
3 areas: £270
Male +£40 supplement

Nefertiti lift: £290
Platysma bands: £250
Decolletage: £200
Hyper-hidrosis from: £400
Teeth grinding (masseter): £290
Migraine: £450

Other small areas e.g. mouth corners, bunny lines, smokers’ lines etc from: £50 (per area)

Sub mental fat (double chin) per session: £400
Body areas including thighs, abdomen, back, hips per session: £250 (per area)

(discount for course of treatments)


Lip augmentation: £270
French kiss technique: £300
Russian lip technique: £300
Small volume augmentation: £220

Specialist areas

Tear troughs: £350
Non-surgical rhinoplasty: £350
Glabella lines: £350

General areas

Other areas for dermal filler include; cheek augmentation, temples, jawline, chin, naso-labial folds, marionette lines, superficial lines and wrinkles.

First syringe: £300
2 syringes: £550
3 syringes: £750
Subsequent syringes: £200 each

Injectable skin boosters: £250 per session

Ellanse (collagen stimulator)

1 syringe: £400
2 syringes: £750
3 syringes: £1050
4 syringes: £1300
Subsequent syringes: £250 each

Microneedling: £200
PRP: £275
PRP + Microneedling: £375

The perfect peel: £250
Perfect peel + booster: £300

Enerpeel Mandelic, salicylic, pyruvate, Jesners revised, TCA from: £100

Consultation and ultrasound scan: £50
£250 per session

Brow lift: £750
Mild laxity (6 threads): £1400
Moderate laxity Face (10 threads & 2 mls Ellanse): £2000
Moderate laxity face and neck (12 threads & 2 mls Ellanse): £2250

Full face : £2000
Full face and neck : £2700
Full face neck and brow : £3500
Brow lift : £700
Marionettes : £800

Face: £1000
Face and Neck: £1500
Face, neck and decolletage: £2000
Neck: £800
Décolletage: £800
Neck and Décolletage: £1400
Eyes (Madonna eye lift): £800
Nose: £400
Mouth area (smokers’ lines): £600
Upper lip only: £400


Large area: £450
Small area: £300
Moles, warts, skin tags removal from: £300
Milia from: £50
Pigmentation treatment: £300 (initial session)
Subsequent sessions: £200

Stretch marks from: £400 – subsequent sessions: £250

From £295

Fungal nail infection:

Single toe/thumb: £80 (4 sessions £240)
Both feet and hands: £160 (4 sessions £480)
Single foot or hand: £100 (4 sessions £300)

Pigmentation, Vascular Lesion and Thread Vein Treatments:

Pigmentation from: £200
Facial thread veins: £300
Thread veins laser legs: £250

Vascular lesions including: venous lakes, cherry angiomas, warts, port-wine stains, strawberry marks, café au lait, mongolian spots from: £150

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal with the latest Motus–AY alexandrite laser.

Limited time offer prices!  

Prices per session. Book a course now and your price will be locked in for lifetime maintenance. Be hair free for the cost of waxing, with no pain. 

Underarms: £20 
Half legs: £25 
Full legs: £45
Bikini: £20
Brazilian: £30
Hollywood: £35
Facial hair from £10
Arms: £25
Forearms: £20
Chest: £60
Back: £60

Packages available.

Most people will realistically need 6-10 sessions, spaced one month apart. Once the hair is completely removed, you are likely to need one maintenance session every year. 

1 session: £800
2 sessions: £1500
3 sessions: £2000

Stand-alone platinum facial: £99
Perk; eye or lip: £40 each
Booster; anti-aging/hyperpigmentation/acne: £40 each

Course of 6 sessions including a perk or booster: £550

Sign up for a course of 6 sessions and your maintenance price will be frozen going forward.

Abdomen £2000 course of six
Bum lift £2000 course of six
Biceps £1700 course of six
Triceps £1700 course of six
Arms 4 sessions (biceps and triceps) course of 4 £2500
Calves £1700 course of six

£200 per session
£1000 course of six

Please also note that CJA Aesthetics offer interest-free finance options to give you realistic payment options for any non-surgical cosmetic procedures you are planning with Dr Chris Airey and his colleagues.

Pretty Face Finance allows you to affordably spread the cost over an achievable timescale that is convenient to yourself.

We also offer a direct debit subscription plan via Go Cardless where you will receive a discount on your treatment or treatments when you pay via a monthly direct debit.

Need to pay a deposit?

You will have received an email from CJA Aesthetics specifying the amount you need to pay as a deposit.  Please check this if you are unsure, then complete the following boxes and click on the link to pay your deposit via PayPal.

For details of our Cancellation Policy click here.

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