Laser Skin Tag & Mole Removal in Southampton & Hampshire

Laser Mole Skin Tag Removal Southampton Hampshire Aesthetics Clinics

At CJA Aesthetics Clinic in Southampton we use the very latest medical grade laser technology to remove unsightly moles and skin tags.

Skin tags are small, soft, skin coloured growths on skin, that vary in colour and size.  They are commonly found on the neck, armpits, around the groin or buttocks and can also appear on the eyelids.  They are benign and don't usually cause any pain or discomfort.   

Moles are small coloured spots on the skin caused by clusters of pigmented cells.   They can appear anywhere on the body and can be raised or flat.  Most people have them, and they are usually nothing to worry about unless they change in size shape or colour.  

Why Choose CJA Aesthetics Southampton For Your Laser Treatment?

At CJA Aesthetics skin clinic our DEKA CO2 Laser treatment offers a safe, comfortable and effective approach to removing both skin tags and moles.  We are able to target the treatment area with great precision, causing no damage to the surrounding skin.  This is particularly important on the face and eyes. 

The procedure is far less invasive than other removal methods, such as excision, resulting in very little or no scarring.  It's therefore a great option to choose, particularly on areas such as the face.

For more information, please see our FAQs below.   To book a free consultation, please contact Dr Chris Airey by calling CJA Medical Clinic on 023 8033 2429.  Alternatively, email

Laser Mole Removal Southampton Hampshire

When considering mole removal it is vital that you ensure that the mole is benign and safe to remove via a cosmetic laser procedure.  Changes in the shape, colour or texture of your moles can be an indication that they have become cancerous, in which case it is extremely important to get a prompt diagnosis.   

Dr Chris Airey at CJA Aesthetics is a fully qualified and registered doctor and can assess whether your skin tags and moles are suitable for removal by laser.   However, if you are in any doubt about moles or any other lesions on your skin, we recommend that you consult your own GP as soon as possible.

Mole & Skin Tag Removal By Laser






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Why Choose CJA Aesthetics?

  • Dr Chris Airey & his team are fully registered doctors with the GMC.
  • We operate the very latest medical grade laser technology.
  • Our laser technology offers outstanding, pain-free results with very little or no-scarring.


  • A full consultation & patch test are required prior to your laser treatment.
  • At your consultation we will discuss medical history
  • Dr Airey will examine your moles &/ or skin tags to ensure you are a suitable candidate for laser treatment.

What to Expect

  • Treatments take approximately 20 minutes, depending on the size of treatment area.
  • The treatments are virtually painless, using a handheld laser.
  • Two to three treatments may be required.

Laser Mole & Skin Tag Removal FAQs

How does laser mole removal work?


Laser mole removal uses intense bursts of light energy to break down the pigment within the mole.   The light energy is precisely targeted on the mole, resulting in minimal impact on the surrounding tissue and allowing healing to take place with little or no scarring.

How does laser skin tag removal work?


Laser skin tag removal uses short blasts of peak power to cause ablation of the epidermis and top most layers of skin to effectively vaporise and remove the skin tag.  A numbing cream is applied before the treatment, which is quick and painless.

On which areas of the body can lasers be used to remove moles & skin tags?


Lasers can be used on most parts of the body.  The SmartXide Touch laser technology used at CJA Aesthetics is ideal for treating delicate ares such as the face, neck and décolleté.   Lasers are particularly suited for use on the face and eyes as they result in less scarring than other mole and lesion removal methods (NB if you have any doubts about changes in your moles, check with your GP.  Laser mole removal is only suitable for small, benign moles.)

How long does each treatment take?


Treatments generally take approximately 20 minutes but this will depend on the size and number of moles or skin tags to be treated.   We will advise you on what to expect at your initial consultation.


An advantage of the latest Motus AY laser technology used at our Hampshire aesthetics clinics is that it offers faster and more effective results than some older laser systems.

Does laser mole removal hurt?


Choose CJA Aesthetics clinics in Hampshire for your laser mole removal treatment and you will benefit from the latest laser technology on the market, the DEKA SmartXide Touch.    This laser system ensures minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissues thus promoting rapid and effective healing.  It is relatively painless, but a numbing cream will be applied to ensure maximum comfort.

How soon will I see the results?


Depending on the the size and number of moles or skin tags to be treated, 2 to 3 treatments may be required.

How many treatments are needed?


A series of 3-6 treatments is usually recommended for optimal results but we will develop a personalised treatment plan for your own particular circumstances after your initial consultation.

Are there any side effects to laser mole and skin tag removal?


The SmartXide Touch laser technology we use at our Hampshire aesthetics clinics is specifically designed to offer maximum precision and control in treatments, making it safer and more effective and eliminating some of the common side effects you may experience with some older types of laser.   Damage to the surrounding tissues is kept to a minimum via the laser's sensitive heat controls.

Why choose laser mole or skin tag removal at CJA Aesthetics Clinic in Southampton?


At CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire we are fully qualified doctors, ensuring you will receive a safe and effective service, which begins with a thorough consultation to check your suitability for treatment.


We use the very latest SkinXide Touch specialist medical grade lasers, so you can be confident that we will achieve outstanding results.

What type of lasers do you operate at CJA Aesthetics?


At our Southampton skin clinic we operate the very latest medical grade SkinXide Touch lasers from market-leaders DEKA.   This combines CO2 and Radiofrequency action for superior results, specifically designed for aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery.

How much does laser mole or skin tag removal cost?


Book a consultation and we can discuss the best approach in more detail and assess the varying factors more accurately after which we can provide you with a personalised quote.


View our full price list.

Is laser mole or skin tag removal available on the NHS?


The removal of benign moles and skin tags is considered to be cosmetic surgery, hence it is not available via the NHS.


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Please note: a patch test and consultation will be required 72 hours prior to treatment.