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Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a common problem for men and women and is estimated to affect up to 2% of the population.  It is caused by overactive sweat glands.

At our aesthetics clinics across Hampshire and West Sussex we understand the anxiety and stress this condition can cause and we're here to offer and find out about the treatments we can offer to help with your excessive perspiration.

This might include injecting Botulinum toxin type A into the overactive sweat glands to temporarily prevent them from producing sweat.

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Symptoms of Excessive Sweating

There is no 'normal' level of sweating, and how much someone sweats will vary from person to person. However, there are some signs that may suggest that you suffer from hyperhidrosis.

If the amount you sweat stops you from participating in daily activities such as driving, exercising or working then this suggests that you suffer from excessive sweating. You may avoid physical contact with others due to how much you sweat, which can result in socially withdrawn behaviour and feelings of self-consciousness. Another issue that accompanies excessive sweating is the need to take constant shower or change clothes due to the amount of sweat.

If you suffer from any or all of these symptoms, then please make an appointment with the experts at our leading skin clinics in Southampton, Portsmouth & Winchester.

Causes of Excessive Sweating

There are two different types of hyperhidrosis - primary and secondary. In many cases, there is no obvious reason for the excessive sweating. When this happens, it is diagnosed as primary hyperhidrosis as it is believed that the cause may be due to problems with the area of the nervous system that controls sweating.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is when excessive sweating is triggered by an event, feeling or mediation. These can include pregnancy or the menopause, anxiety, infection and low blood sugar.

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Whatever type of hyperhidrosis you may have, we can help with treatment for excessive sweating at our skin clinics. Before any treatment, we will have a detailed consultation to better understand your issues and decide what will be the best approach and treatment going forward.

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