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BTL Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton

 Treat Urinary Incontinence With BTL EMSELLA
At CJA Aesthetics Clinics In Southampton & Winchester

Are leaks and dribbles getting you down?  Do you have a sudden urge to run to the toilet more often than you used to?   Urinary incontinence is a common problem, but it's one that can have a big impact on your quality of life and confidence.   At CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire, our qualified doctors are here to help. 

BTL EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments are a great option for women and men of any age who are looking for a non-invasive solution to urinary incontinence and improvements to the quality of their intimate life.   Using electro-magnetic energy to stimulate your deep pelvic floor muscles, these incontinence treatments can restore your bladder and pelvic floor muscle control without the need for time-consuming exercises.  You won't even need to get undressed for the procedure.

If you are suffering from incontinence, find out how EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester can improve your quality of life by booking consultation at CJA Aesthetics Clinics using the form here.  

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester at CJA Aesthetics Clinics Hampshire

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How Does BTL EMSELLA Work?

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in HampshireBTL EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments use high-frequency electro-magnetic energy to cause deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation.  A single session causes thousands of muscle contractions similar to those you perform in pelvic-floor exercises, which help you strengthen and train your pelvic floor muscles without any effort. 

What makes this incontinence treatment so effective is the in-depth stimulation of the muscles in the entire pelvic floor area, which you would not be able to achieve on your own.

You won't need to get undressed for the procedure and will simply sit on the EMSELLA chair and relax for the 28-minute session.

This video tells you more:

What Results Can I Expect From EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments In Southampton?

You may notice an improvement after a single session. Results will typically continue improving over the next few weeks.  

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton at CJA Aesthetics Clinics, Hampshire

Following a course of approximately six sessions, twice a week, 95% of patients reported a significant improvement in quality of life.

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester at CJA Aesthetics Clinics

75% Reduction In Pad Usage

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton at CJA Aesthetics Clinics

Non-Invasive Treatment

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire

Remain Fully Clothed

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire

No Downtime Required

BTL EMSELLA Incontinence Treatment Reviews

BTL EMSELLA has been recommended in publications including The Times, The Daily Mail and The Sun.   These are typical comments received from EMSELLA patients:

"I don’t know how it works… but it does. I don’t have dribbles anymore and when you are out in public I can make it to the bathroom"

"Before, I was getting up 4 - 5 times a night to go to a bathroom. It seems like it's still improving. Even in past few weeks some nights I have not had to get up at all. And it’s awesome."

"It’s… freeing, very freeing, to be able to just do what you want to do again"


Are EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments Suitable For Everyone?

Emsella Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in HampshireMost people can benefit from EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments but there are some conditions which will mean you are not a suitable candidate for treatment.

Our fully trained doctor will carry out a full consultation with you ahead of your incontinence treatment to ensure that it is right for you.   

If you are not able to have our EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments in Southampton, an alternative treatment we have available is MonaLisa Touch.  We will discuss all the options with you at your consultation.


Why Choose CJA Aesthetics For EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments?

  • Dr Chris Airey & Dr Lauren Airey are fully registered doctors with the GMC.
  • We operate the very latest medical-grade aesthetics technology.
  • We offer a wide range of aesthetics treatments and can advise you on the most suitable for your requirements.

Consultations For EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments In Southampton 

  • A consultation is needed before your EMSELLA Incontinence Treatment.
  • At your consultation, we will discuss medical history and ensure you are a suitable candidate for treatment.
  • If EMSELLA is not right for you, we have alternative procedures available.

What To Expect From An EMSELLA Incontinence Treatment

  • EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments in Southampton & Winchester take 28 minutes.
  • EMSELLA is a comfortable procedure. You remain fully clothed and no recovery time is required.
  • For best results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments, twice weekly.


EMSELLA is based on the very latest technology to provide an effective treatment for all types on incontinence by training and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.   It's a comfortable, non-invasive procedure and many clients report an improvement after just one treatment.
BTL EMSELLA targets the pelvic floor muscles and causes deep pelvic floor stimulation using high frequency electro magnetic energy.  This causes the muscles to contract, in a similar way to when you are carrying out pelvic floor exercises.  The treatment is highly effective because it targets the entire pelvic floor area and in a single session creates thousands of intense contractions, which you would not be able to achieve on your own.  These contractions work to strengthen and retrain your pelvic floor muscles to prevent bladder leakage.
Yes EMSELLA can be used to treat urinary incontinence in men as well as women.   Urinary incontinence in men treatments at CJA Aesthetics in Southampton and Winchester
EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments in Southampton take 28 minutes.   We will advise you on what to expect at your initial consultation and help create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. You can expect to have a series of six treatments for best results.
Patients say EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments are completely painless and the procedure feels like an intense pelvic floor workout. You can sit on BTL EMSELLA and relax during the treatment.
Many clients report results after their initial treatment.  For full results we recommend a course of 6 treatments, and you can expect to feel continued improvements for several weeks after that.
A series of 6 EMSELLA Incontinence Treatments twice a week is recommended for optimal results, but we will develop a personalised treatment plan for your own particular circumstances after your initial consultation. 
EMSELLA has been rigorously tested in numerous scientific studies and found to be a safe and effective treatment for urinary incontinence and intimate discomfort.   It is FDA approved and medical CE-marked.  We can answer any questions you may have about the technology at your initial consultation.
Book a consultation and we will provide you with a personalised quote.  
BTL EMSELLA is particularly suitable for women of any age who desire solution for urinary incontinence, recovery after childbirth, and improvement in the quality of their intimate life.   It is also a suitable treatment for male urinary incontinence. There are certain conditions that mean that you will not be a suitable candidate for EMSELLA treatment, including pregnancy, certain heart conditions, metal implants and cancer.   Our medical team will review your medical history at your initial consultation to ensure you that the treatment is the right one for you, and suggest alternatives if not.
For a complimentary EMSELLA consultation, please call CJA Aesthetics Clinic on  023 8033 2429 or email info@cja-aesthetics.co.uk.  Alternatively you can complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Book A BTL EMSELLA Incontinence Treatment In Southampton Or Winchester

For a free, no-obligation EMSELLA Incontinence consultation, please call CJA Medical Clinic on 023 8033 2429,  or email info@cja-aesthetics.co.uk or alternatively, complete the form below.


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