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Non-Surgical Aesthetics Procedures For Menopausal Health
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October is World Menopause Awareness Month, organised in collaboration with the World Health Organisation.   The aim of the month is to get people talking about the menopause and highlight the support and options available for improving women’s health and well-being.  

At CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Southampton and across Hampshire and West Sussex, our fully qualified medical team are experienced in helping women suffering from menopausal health issues.  We’re here to provide advice and treatments to help you feel like your best self again.

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Physical and Emotional Changes During Menopause

The menopause is a time of enormous change for women, with the body going through numerous physical challenges as hormone levels fluctuate.  Menopause symptoms can include dullness, dryness and thinning of your skin, hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, vaginal laxity and weight gain, to name but a few.  

Hormonal fluctuations also lead to psychological and emotional challenges in the form of mood changes, anxiety, loss of confidence and brain fog.   These problems are compounded if scrutinising your changing appearance in the mirror leads to a demoralising sense of the loss of your former self.

Luckily help is at hand.   We have numerous treatments available at out Hampshire aesthetics clinics which can help restore your glow and sense of wellbeing.

Hydrafacial treatment Southampton

Put Your Best Face Forward & Look Younger With Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

During menopause oestrogen production decreases and skin cells become slower to regenerate.  This tends to result in the skin becoming duller, drier and more slack, with wrinkles and fine lines developing.  It’s not surprising that menopause is often associated with a loss of self-confidence.

We have a wide range of non-surgical anti-aging facial treatments available at CJA Aesthetics.    We particularly recommend the following to help restore your skin and rejuvenate your complexion:


Hydrafacial is a gentle and effective facial treatment which delivers outstanding results which are visible immediately.  It works to plump up the skin by intensely hydrating it, making it particularly suitable for dry, dehydrated and aging skin.  It can also improve the appearance of sun-damage.

We can finish your treatment with infrared LED Light therapy, to stimulate collagen production and support the natural production of vitamin D. 

Clients find Hydrafacial to be a lovely, relaxing treatment.  So it could be just the treat you need if you are feeling fraught and in need of a boost.

CO2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing

CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing is amongst the very latest developments in skin rejuvenation. 

It can be used to treat a wide range of age-related skin problems by removing the rough outer layers, whilst stimulating the deeper layers to regenerate.   In addition to smoothing lines, wrinkles and rough patches, the treatment can tighten sagging skin, improve the appearance of scars and tackle uneven pigmentation.

Click here to find out more.

PRP Vampire Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or Vampire Therapy as it’s often known, is an excellent treatment for tightening the skin, improving collagen production and boosting skin elasticity.

It’s suitable for use on virtually any area of the body and it’s particularly useful for tackling dark circles and crows feet around the eyes as well as lines around the mouth and cheeks.

The procedure involves taking a small amount of blood from your arm and processing it within a centrifuge.  The resulting platelets are injected to stimulate the body’s own healing processes.  The result is a fresh, glowing new complexion, with a reduction in visible wrinkles, lines and discoloration.

Thread Lifts

Aptos Thread Lifts Hampshire Aesthetics ClinicsIf you want to tighten a slack jawline and improve the appearance of sagging skin, we recommend considering a facial thread lift.   At CJA Aesthetics we offer both Aptos and Silhouette threadlifts.  Book a consultation and we can discuss the benefits of each and recommend the right procedure for you.

The tightening effects of a non-surgical facelift using threads are immediate and the results are natural-looking and discreet.  You will also continue to see improvements over time with the gradual regeneration of collagen to gently plump up your skin.

Vaginal Rejuvenation – Menopause Symptom Relief With MonaLisa Touch

The effects of declining oestrogen and fluctuating hormones during menopause don’t just impact the skin on the face.   They can result in thinning and drying out of the vaginal walls in a condition known a vaginal atrophy.  

The changes in your vaginal walls can lead to a range of painful and unpleasant symptoms which we know can be difficult to discuss, including painful sex, low libido, vaginal dryness and incontinence.

If this is affecting you, know that you are not alone.  Book an appointment with the female medical team at CJA Aesthetics in Southampton and we can offer you the very latest treatment available to help.

MonaLisa Touch uses fractional laser technology to revitalise your vaginal walls, restoring them and improving circulation, thus allowing you to resume a normal, healthy, pleasurable life.

Find out more here.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch at CJA Aesthetics Clinic Southampton

Say No To Menopausal Incontinence At CJA Aesthetics Southampton

Declining oestrogen levels have a lot to answer for as we head into menopause.   They may also cause your pelvic floor muscles to weaken, resulting in urinary incontinence.

If leaks and dribble are getting you down, we’d recommend our revolutionary BTL Emsella incontinence treatments.   This non-invasive solution to the problems of incontinence can restore your bladder and pelvic floor muscle control without the need for time consuming pelvic floor exercises (we all know we should do them of course, but it’s so difficult to remember!)

You won’t even need to get undressed for the treatment.  Find out more here.

Weight LossTackle Menopause Weight Gain CJA Lifestyle Online

Stop Menopause Weight Gain

The hormonal changes of menopause make it more likely that you will find yourself put on weight around your stomach rather than your hips and thighs.   Coupled with the effects of aging and genetic factors, it’s very easy to realise you need to lose several pounds as you head into menopause.

Losing weight can help you regain your sense of self, boost confidence and of course, keep you healthier and less prone to other health problems.   We recommend considering the following options:

Lose Weight With The CJA Lifestyle Plan Online

Our sister company, CJA Lifestyle, offers online weight management support to help you become healthier, beat cravings and achieve your goal weight.

As part of this we may prescribe you appetite suppressant injections, such as Ozempic or Saxenda.

Following an online consultation, our medical team will come up with a bespoke plan, tailored to your specific needs.

To book a consultation or find out more, contact lauren@www.cja-aesthetics.co.uk, or click here.

Emsculpt Body Sculpting

 EMSCULPT Body Contouring is a revolutionary non-surgical body sculpting treatment that can simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, helping you regain a slim, toned figure.

It allows you to achieve a slimmer, more contoured body without spending hours in the gym.  Find out more here.

TRT For Male Menopause CJA Balance

What About The Male Menopause?

It’s not just women who can suffer from the effects of changing hormones.   Testosterone levels decline gradually in men and can lead to a form of male menopause, also known as an andropause.

If you are a man and find yourself suffering from low sex drive/libido, low energy, poor sleep, sexual dysfunction, low mood, sweating/ hot flushes or joint pain we would recommend contacting CJA Balance.

CJA Balance offers online Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and advice to men suffering from “menopausal” symptoms.   Contact us here.

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