KC’s Transformation with CJA Lifestyle

Meet KC who has transformed her life after investing in the CJA Lifestyle Body Transformation Package.

KC, aged 42, was struggling to control her weight as she juggled being a busy mum of two young children with working shifts. 

After a consultation with Dr Lauren Airey at CJA Lifestyle, KC decided to try weight appetite suppressant Saxenda and calorie counting. Although she was already mindful of her food choices and had a healthy diet, KC had put on weight through lack of exercise and snacking.

By cutting out the snacks, introducing regular exercise, keeping a check on her calorie count and taking Saxenda, KC managed to lose 6.4kg (14lb) after just eight weeks.  At 12 weeks she stopped using Saxenda as had managed to integrate healthier habits into her lifestyle.

When it came to exercising, KC did the 'couch to 5k' challenge.  She is still running regularly and intends to sign up for some organised races.

Dr Airey says: "I am super proud of KC. She has transformed her lifestyle and her body and is much healthier and more active.  She knows she can always turn to CJA Lifestyle again for help but, for now, we have discussed a strategy so she can continue her journey solo."

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