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We all want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle as we get older, but from our 40s onwards we begin to see and feel the signs of aging.  Our body needs extra support if it is to stay in peak condition, and NAD+ supplementation can help with this. 

NAD+ is a coenzyme found naturally in every cell in our body and it's responsible for a number of crucial metabolic processes.  These  including those that support brain function, boost energy levels, support immunity and promote longevity.

As we age our natural NAD+ levels fall dramatically and we stop feeling and looking like our younger selves.  

Through years of scientific research we are now able to harness the power of NAD+ to help you feel like the very best version of yourself.

NAD+ IV infusions are now available at our Southampton clinic.  CJA Aesthetics is run by fully qualified doctors, Dr Chris and Dr Lauren Airey. For more information, call 023 8033 2429.  To book a consultation, please use the online booking system.  Home visits are also available on request.


What is NAD+?

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.  It's one of the most important molecules in our bodies, playing a crucial role in converting food into energy.  It is also vital for ensuring proper cell function, protecting us from aging and providing immunity from disease.  NAD+ has a diverse range of other benefits including:

  • managing the body's circadian rhythm (body clock)
  • maintaining mental focus and clarity
  • reducing inflammation and promoting cell regeneration
  • protecting us from free radical that influence aging and disease
  • supporting detox and withdrawal.

Our bodies naturally manufacture NAD+ but as we age, our levels drop dramatically, with important implications for our metabolism and age related illnesses.

Find out more about the science behind NAD+ at our partner clinic NADclinic.

NAD IV Therapy Virus reovery programme Southampton Clinic

What happens to NAD+ as we age?

Unfortunately levels of NAD+ naturally decline as we get older, halving every twenty years.  Although certain lifestyle factors can play a part, this means that on average they are at just 50% of their previous levels by age 40.  At this stage we start to feel the effects of reduced cellular function.  Levels have declined by 80% by the time we reach 60, with serious consequences for our overall health and wellbeing.

Maintaining levels NAD+ is absolutely critical for our optimal health, from mental performance, to physical metabolism, to neuroprotection and cardiovascular fitness. 

Put simply, NAD+ supplementation can help us to live well for longer.

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NAD+ Treatments at CJA Aesthetics Clinic Southampton

At CJA Aesthetics we offer a wide range of NAD+ Infusions at our Southampton clinic, from single IV infusions to tackle common health concerns to infusion programmes for those looking lasting results.  In addition we provide bespoke programmes as part of our VIP Rejuvenation programme which is a personalised longevity plan.

NAD+ treatments can:

  • Boost energy and tackle chronic fatigue
  • Rejuvenate weary executives
  • Detox and energise your body
  • Assist with alcohol detoxification
  • Combat jet lag
  • Burn fat
  • Boost immunity
  • Brighten skin
  • Rejuvenate hair
  • Help you recovery after debilitating viruses.

Click the link below to see our full list of programmes then book online.

Why Choose CJA Aesthetics Clinics For Your NAD+ Treatment?

At CJA Aesthetics we are proud to partner with NAD+Clinic in London to offer their outstanding range of specialised IV therapies designed to help you live well for longer.  As doctors we understand the effects aging and poor lifestyle can have on the body.  We're therefore delighted to offer you the opportunity to live well for longer and reverse some of this damage.

Your NAD+ treatment at our clinic will begin with a full consultation from one of our medical team.  We are the only clinic on the South Coast offering these treatments and patients travel to us from all over Hampshire and Dorset, including Poole, Winchester and Portsmouth.

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