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NAD+ IV Therapy Programmes at CJA Aesthetics Clinic in Southampton
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Our NAD+ IV  therapy programmes are longer versions of our individual IV infusions.  They are ideal if you are looking for a longer-term boost to your overall health and wellbeing.  Our programmes tackle a range of concerns from alcohol detox to fat burning and skin brightening.  We also offer programmes which help you recover after debilitating viruses and our popular Executive programme helps you keep on top of the pressures of a high profile career.

These innovative treatment programmes have been developed using the latest scientific and diagnostic techniques. They have been rigorously tested  to offer you a unique approach to maximising your physical and mental health and become the best you can be.

Our IV infusions can be delivered can be delivered at our Southampton clinic, or, if you prefer, your home, office or hotel.

On this page you can find out about our IV Therapy Programmes.  We also offer single NAD+ Infusions.

Find out more about the transformational benefits of NAD+ infusions here.   To book, please call 023 8033 2429 or use the online booking system links next to your chosen treatment.

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Boost Energy and Performance with NAD IV Infusions at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Southampton

Executive High Flyer Plus IV Programme

Duration 5 sessions, 60 - 120 minutes per session

Price  From £2,800

This programme of IV infusions is designed to help you get your brain and body back on top form if the struggles of your career and work-life are wearing you down.  The workplace is a competitive environment in the modern world and the need to perform at your very best is ever increasing.

This day-to-day pressure can wear your brain and body out, impacting on your sleep, your immunity and your overall health and performance.

Success in the workplace doesn't have to come at a cost to your body however.  Book a course of 5 powerful NAD+ infusions to help you get back on your game, boost immunity and sharpen mental alertness and focus.   They are designed to deliver increased energy to help you fight burnout and fatigue, regenerate your brain and repair your cells.  They also help you detox and reduce cravings, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Alcohol Detox programme NAD Southampton Clinics CJA Aesthetics

Alcohol Detox IV Infusion Programme

Duration  5 sessions  120 minutes per session

Price  From £2,800

If the amount you are drinking has crept up to the point you are alcohol dependent, you know it takes a lot of willpower to quit.  That's where our NAD+ alcohol detox IV programme can help.

With a reliable 90% success rate, the programme is designed to help reduce your cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.   Unlike most detox programmes it works almost immediately to help you get back on track to being your old self again.  

Whether you feel like you're managing it well or not, did you know that alcohol dependency can cause a build-up of neurotoxins in our brains?  These toxins deplete your levels of NAD+, which are crucial for mental focus and cognitive functioning.

Our nutritionally-based, medically-supervised programme runs for 5-7 days and it can help you rest and reset, so you can be your best self again.

Fat Burner Programme NAD Southampton Clinic

NAD+ Fat Burner Advanced IV Programme

Duration  10 sessions, 40-60 minutes

Price  From £4,000

If you are struggling to lose stubborn fat, or shed those last few pounds, our Fat Burner IV Programme is here to help.

If you have been working hard to introduce a healthy diet and exercise regime, but are finding you have plateaued, we can help you supercharge you health on a cellular level with our NAD+ IV programme.  It works by kick-starting your metabolism to work harder, burning more calories.  At the same time the programme helps to boost a healthy appetite, so by making smart food choices, you will increase your energy levels so you can work hard on your exercise programme.

Low levels of NAD+ can cause you to hold onto fat that you are trying to shift. Alongside a healthy lifestyle, our Fat Burner IV Infusion can help you change this and shift that unwanted weight.

The Fat Burner IV Infusion Programme is more intensive version than a single Fat Burner IV Infusion.

Immune Boost Programme NAD Southampton Clinic

Immune Booster IV Programme

Duration  3 sessions  60-90 minutes per session

Price  £2,200

Give your immune system a boost with this anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine infusion programme that raises your energy and refreshes you levels of vital vitamins and minerals.

Our Immune Boost IV Programme will infuse your body a highly concentrated mix of vitamins which has been tailored to your specific needs. It will hydrate your body from the inside as well as boosting cell function and organ health.

In addition to keeping your immune system strong to resist viruses, the programme is designed to reduce their intensity and duration should you contract them.

NAD+ is the key ingredient in the infusions and it is an important regulator of the body's immune response in viral infections. Increasing your NAD+ levels can boost your antiviral defence systems and suppress uncontrolled inflammation.

This is an ideal programme to choose if you have a depleted immune system. You could also book an appointment pre-travel, for a healthier holiday!

Skin Brightening Programme NAD IV Infusion at CJA Aesthetics Clinic Southampton

Skin Brightening IV Programme

Duration 8 sessions, 30-40 min per session

Price  From £2,000

Lighten your skin from the inside with our NAD+ Skin Brightening IV Programme.  Designed to give you better and brighter skin, the programme targets areas of hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone.

It can combat the effects of poor diet, sun-damage acne and inflammation promoting a more radiant glow.  By restoring your skin's luminosity and boosting collagen production, it also helps restore a more youthful looking complexion.

The infusions contain glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, plus, if required, kojic acid, which supresses melanin. This stops darker pigment from developing in your skin.

Over the 8-session course, you'll find your skin transformed and it will look brighter over your whole body, not just your face.  We recommend sticking with a healthy diet and limiting your sun exposure to ensure you can continue to enjoy the results for years to come.


Hair Rejuvenation programme NAD Southampton Clinic

Hair Rejuvenation IV Programme

Duration  5 sessions  40-60 min per session

Price  From £2,400

Hair loss is an increasingly common problem.  Whether it's caused by age, stress, medical conditions, genetics, or hormones, our IV infusion can help to strengthen and rejuvenate your hair.

The IV infusion programme contains a vitamin complex including zinc, which is key to hair and skin health.  It also contains NAC, a form of the amino-acid cysteine, in our hair therapy. This helps to replenish levels of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is  an important antioxidant that helps neutralise damaging free radicals within the body.

Our final key ingredient is biotin, known for helping maintain the health of our skin, hair and nails.

Our Hair Rejuvenation programme is proven to treat and prevent hair thinning, fight hair loss and alopecia and restore weakened hair to its former health.

NAD IV Therapy Virus reovery programme Southampton Clinic

Long Covid IV Therapy Programme

Duration  10 sessions

Price  From £5,000

Replenish your NAD+ levels after an exhausting viral infection. You can repair cellular damage and help your body develop a better immune response to a viral attack with this pioneering treatment programme.

A debilitating viral infection is defined as one where the symptoms and health disorders persist usually up to 12 weeks after the initial onset of the disease.  Long Covid is an example of a debilitating virus.  Symptoms of debilitating viral infections can include fatigue, stress intolerance, listlessness, and impaired memory or loss of concentration. In some cases, depression, sleep disturbances and impaired physical, as well as mental, performance can occur.

Recent studies have pointed to the cause of these debilitating symptoms being the persistence of the virus or viral components within the body long after the initial disease has passed.  Often patients experiencing this illness do not have an adequate immune response and their antibody levels are relatively low.

If you are suffering from a debilitating virus, our medical team will carry out blood tests initially to check the health of the mitochondria within your cells.   This will provide us with the information our doctors need to design an individual programme to address your particular health concerns.


Bespoke NAD IV infusion programmes Southampton aesthetics clinic

Bespoke IV Therapy Programmes

Price  POA

We are all unique, with our own different health concerns.  That's why we offer bespoke IV therapy programmes which can be tailored to your health profile, lifestyle and objectives.

Our bespoke package includes a comprehensive blood analysis which will give us the baseline we need to devise your programme.  Our specialist doctors will then carry out a full consultation with you to ascertain your health concerns, diet and lifestyle as well as your medical background.  We can then guide you to help decide on the next steps, including further diagnostic tests plus assessment of your nutrient levels.  This will help identify any potential underlying health issues.

After this we can devise a programme of NAD+ infusions which will help restore you to your best self.