Order A Blood Test

Order A CJA Lifestyle Blood Test Venous Kit

While a change in habits can often kick-start a healthier lifestyle, you may want to discover whether there are any underlying issues which may be causing your weight gain, lethargy or low energy levels.

We offer an optional service to have a blood test to test your nutritional levels, thyroid activity and hormone levels.  There are three different ways in which you can have your blood test:

  1. CJA Lifestyle Blood Test Venous Kit Nurse Home Visit (we will arrange for a nurse to visit your home)
  2. CJA Lifestyle Blood Test Venous Kit (must be taken to your GP practice nurse)
  3. CJA Lifestyle Blood Test Venous Kit Clinic Visit (we will arrange a visit to one of our partner clinics)

The kit will be sent to you in the post. Simply follow the instructions and then post your sample to our lab in the prepaid envelope provided.   The lab results are usually available within three days and we will contact you to discuss the results. 

Our online test booking forms are temporarily unavailable.  Please call us on 07553 039698 to arrange your test.