Sleep Hygiene

Achieve Your Body Goals - Sleep Well, Eat Well & Exercise More With Help From CJA Lifestyle Team

weight loss injections, CJA Lifestyle UKMultiple factors are likely to contribute to weight gain so the doctors and fitness & nutrition experts at CJA Lifestyle will help you with your lifestyle habits to help you reach your body goals.

One key area to explore is your sleep routine as many studies have found that people who are sleep-deprived have an increased appetite.  

Scientists suggest that lack of sleep may affect hormones associated with feelings of fullness or hunger.

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Sleep hygiene recommendations include:

  • establishing a regular sleep schedule (try to get 6-8 hours of sleep per night)
  • having a peaceful, comfortable and dark sleep environment
  • only using your bed for sleep and sex
  • avoiding exercise close to bedtime
  • avoiding naps during the day
  • reducing stress levels
  • limiting exposure to light in the hours before sleep
  • avoiding alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and other stimulants before bedtime.

A study published by the International Journal of Obesity investigated associations between sleep, stress and success at sticking to a weight loss programme.  It found that between six and eight hours of sleep was the optimum for losing weight. 

The programme also looked at changing the participants’ behaviour. It involved reducing their dietary intake by 500 calories a day, with the aim of losing 0.5 to 2lbs weekly, while eating a healthy low-fat diet and exercising moderately most days (at least 180 minutes weekly).

Individuals also recorded their daily consumption of food, drink and exercise and set short-term goals and action plans.  On top of this, they attended sessions led by nutrition and behavioural counsellors over six months. 

Over the six-month period 60% of participants losing at least 4.5kg (10lbs). 
Of course, weight loss cannot be achieved simply by getting a healthy amount of sleep which is why the CJA Lifestyle Body Transformation Programme gives each client a tailored plan.