Teeth Grinding

Treatments to Stop Teeth Grinding – Book a Free Consultation at CJA Aesthetics in Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester

stop teeth grinding with botox at the best aesthetics clinic in southamptonUp to 30% of adults experience teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) at some stage in their lives.

This is a condition in which you clench or grind your teeth unconsciously or involuntarily, either during sleep or when awake. 

Teeth grinding can cause significant damage to the teeth and mouth over time, as well as neck and jaw pain and headaches, so your first step should be a visit to your dentist and/or doctor to discuss the causes and range of treatment options available to you.

You could also consider booking a free consultation at CJA Aesthetics where we offer Botulinum Toxin Type-A (Botox) injections to relax the main muscles which have become overactive, causing the jaw to clench.

The effects last for about four months, after which you may require another treatment. 

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