Bye Bye Takeaways, Hello

KI who is 29. She did extremely well going to the gym. However she found it very difficult to shake her indulgent habit of take aways and could not manage to commit to changing habits with eating. She attached feelings of contentment and happiness with take away food and would have benefited from mindfulness training regarding this. She is a very busy mum of 3, running her own business. Sometimes you aren’t ready to commit to change and that’s OK. Its not always possible to convince people that controlled sustainable weight loss with great nutrition that forms healthy habits is the goal. She was happy with the results as she lost 22lbs in 4 weeks, clearly incredible weight loss, although unfortunately she gained weight soon afterwards and, truth be told, went back to square one. While I was thrilled for her, this kind of crash diet is not really what we are about! 

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