How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

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Don’t Give Up On Your Weight Loss Journey With These Motivational Tips From The Specialists At CJA Lifestyle

Here at CJA Lifestyle online weight loss programme, we know that starting and sticking to a new weight loss plan is often easier said than done.  Despite our best efforts, we all sometimes have days when its a difficult to stay motivated to keep going on your plan.

These weight loss motivation tips can hopefully help you keep going on your weight loss journey, and continue on the path to success!

Tip #1 – Determine and Remember Why You Want To Lose Weight

Carefully determine and write down all the reasons you want to lose weight.  This could be a doctor’s recommendation, or simply a personal goal.

Try to read through your reasons daily to remind yourself why you set off on your weight loss journey to begin with.  This will help you stay motivated when you are feeling tempted to stray from your weight loss plan.

Tip #2 – Don’t Set Your Goals Too High

Many people tend to set their expectations too high for how much weight they can lose in a short time period.  When they inevitably cannot reach those goals, it can lead to disappointment and lack of motivation to keep going on the weight loss plan.

Instead, try setting a slightly lower goal for your weight loss.  Even the smallest amount of weight loss is excellent for your health, and is something to be celebrated, so don’t feel bad if you can’t lose it all overnight.

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Tip #3 – Set Smaller Goals Along The Way

 While your ultimate goal is of course your target weight, it may take sometime to get there.  Try setting smaller goals along the way, such as losing a small amount of weight, or being able to complete a more challenging bit of exercise.  This will allow you to have a sense of progress as you achieve lots of smaller goals instead of just one large one, thus keeping you motivated throughout your weight loss plan.

Tip #4 – Don’t Compare Your Journey To Others

Every person on a weight loss plan is following their own path and going at their own pace.  While looking at pictures of super thin models may seem like good motivation, research has shown that people looking at skinny models while on their weight loss plan actually gained weight instead!

You should always be proud of any progress you make, regardless of what other people have or haven’t achieved.  This will help you to keep motivated throughout your weight loss plan.

Tip #5 – Plan For Setbacks

Weight loss isn’t linear, and daily challenges and stressors will always pop up.  Going to parties or on holiday can lead to you breaking your diet plan.  Furthermore, the stresses of everyday life can lead to some people turning to unhealthy food for comfort.

It is important to plan for these setbacks, and not see them as a reason to abandon your weight loss plan.  Instead of turning to unhealthy food after a stressful day, why not try exercise, taking a bath, or going outside to get some fresh air.

Tip #6 – Try The CJA Body Transformation Programme

If you are struggling to stay motivated to lose weight, why not try our Body Transformation Programme?

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