Why Obesity Is NOT A Lifestyle Choice

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Dr Lauren Airey BMBS MmedSc (Hons) studied Medicine at the University of Southampton. To achieve her master’s degree, she carried out research as part of a large study into the effect of maternal nutrition on foetal brain development. She has a keen interest in nutrition and lifestyle medicine and has completed training with the National Medical Weight Loss programme. 

Lauren currently works part-time in an NHS hospital setting as a doctor in acute medicine for older people. She is co-director of her Southampton-based clinic, CJA Medical, which she runs with her husband Dr Chris. Their work includes all aspects of non-surgical aesthetics, treatment of obesity and testosterone replacement.

Lauren takes a holistic view of medicine and is passionate about the health and well-being of all her patients. She believes in treating people as individuals and helping her patients to achieve their personal goals.

Lauren is a mum of four and has a keen personal interest in weight management having previously struggled with obesity herself. She loves exercise, but also food and cooking! 

Please continue reading this blog which has been written by Dr Lauren… 

Everyone Should Be Empowered To Feel Attractive  

lose weight with the CJA Lifestyle Plan“A huge government Foresight study into tackling obesity found that obesity currently costs the NHS £4.2 billion a year. Unfortunately, the current government* (*information correct as of July 2021) does not support doctors in the NHS to provide weight loss medications to obese patients. Even with all the evidence provided from their own study. As far as I am aware this is down to cost.

“I strongly disagree that being obese is a lifestyle choice.  It is extremely hard to maintain a BMI of less than 25 in our society. The true implications for health are not widely known by anyone – including doctors.

“The culture of body shaming and the intrinsic relationship between body weight and appearance make it a difficult topic to approach. However, I think it is possible to appreciate the beauty of larger people and empower everyone to feel attractive and valuable while still talking about the health benefits of weight loss.

“Nobody should feel pressured to change because someone else doesn’t like how they look. There is no one size fits all for health. Not every person will feel at their best with a BMI of 25. Being healthy is only possible with happiness, and a human’s worth is not measured by a number on a scale.”

Being Healthy But Miserable Is Not Being Healthy

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“Health is the absence of disease by some definitions, but the World Health Organisation has a much more holistic view. They say “Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity…”. I believe we should be striving to live our healthiest lifestyle which also makes us happy. Being healthy but miserable is not being healthy. 

“However, I do know that being obese is bad for your health, and severe and complex obesity with a BMI of over 39 has serious implications for your morbidity and mortality. This doesn’t mean that if you fall into this bracket, you should be treated differently.

“Any weight you lose will be advantageous over time. It is also not all your fault that you are obese. The Foresight study found that there are more than 300 causes of obesity. It is not helpful to apportion blame to individuals, and it is not accurate. There are some awful statistics related to obesity; 10% of all cancers are directly related to obesity and a BMI of more than 39 reduces your chance of making it to 70 years old by 50%.

“Currently, 64% of all adults in the UK are overweight or obese, and this is increasing all the time. Obesity isn’t just about heart disease. Fat is an active metabolic tissue, and it is busy! Having a large amount of body fat has knock-on effects for your whole metabolism and impacts your kidneys, liver and hormone systems as well.

“I’m not telling you all this to frighten you, I’m really excited for you because you have taken an important step and decided to take responsibility for your health and well-being, even if you didn’t realise it! Gaining weight may have been out of your control but losing it will be a huge personal achievement that is all your own.”

What Can You Do To Lose Weight

  • Take some initial photos. You will thank yourself when you can see your progress
  • Look in the mirror and find something you like. You need to do this. It might be your smile, or your hair, or your eyes. It doesn’t matter. You need self love.
  • Weigh and/or measure yourself.
  • Plan your food for the first week.
  • Drink Water.  Before any meal, drink a glass of water. Aim for at least 2000mls of water in total a day. Drink 250mls before your meal and 250mls during. The rest can be sipped during the day.
  • Prioritise Vegetables. The main bulk of your diet should be vegetables. The key part of any meal is vegetables. So, if you don’t like many vegetables broaden your horizons and find some to make friends with.
  • Tracking Calories. Yes, it’s boring. Yes, you think you know what you are eating. Yes, you understand broadly what foods are healthy. But yes, it is vital! You have to track calories, or you will not maximise your potential for weight loss.
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Your Relationship With Food – Top Tips On Snacking From CJA Lifestyle 

CJA Lifestyle Skinny Jab injections weight loss in UK“Food should make us happy, but absolute emotional eating to try to solve a problem is not so different from using alcohol or drugs. The problem is waiting for you after the cake is gone, and the answer isn’t ever at the bottom of a Big Mac.

“It is a good idea to think about why you are eating. On a basic level, food is fuel. So, if you are eating something which will not help you achieve your goal, this is sabotage. It’s ok to eat foods that are considered unhealthy sometimes but try not to think of it as a reward or treat as this re-enforces the emotional aspect.

“Also, avoid thinking of food as “good” or “bad”. You are not “being good,” you are eating healthily to make life more enjoyable and achieve your personal goals. If you are having a donut, own it.  You are not “being bad” by having a donut. Just add it to your calorie count, accept it and go about your day.

“I try to ask myself what I want and why I want it. As I approach the desk of the café at work I think, is this a cake break or a Fanta zero break? Is it even a break? Am I procrastinating? What’s going on with me right now?! Have a conversation with yourself, remind yourself of the promises you made when you were feeling all motivated-on Sunday night, and your target jeans, or your upcoming event, think of the look on everyone’s faces when you walk in looking great and full of confidence, and decide what you want to do.

“If you are losing weight because you want to be able to undergo a life-changing event, such as having surgery or having a baby, this is amazing motivation. See your goal in your mind’s eye. Chose mindfully. If the choice is cake, then stand by it and DO NOT beat yourself up.

“Learning about mindfulness will help greatly when it comes to taking control of your life. If you really want to change yourself for the better and develop good habits, then learning to meditate and live in the present moment then using an app to learn will benefit you. ”