Millennials & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

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Ellanse dermal fillers CJA Aesthetics SouthamptonA survey of more than 1000 UK residents aged over 18 year showed that 76% wanted to change something about their face, with young women aged 18-34 driving the demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. 

Some 62% of 18-34 year olds said they might have a non-surgical treatment within 12 months compared to 28% of the 35+ age group. 

Women were also significantly more likely than men to want to change their body in some way, with 83% of women wanting to change at least one area of their body, compared to 69% of men.  

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Improve Confidence With A Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment in Hampshire

So, what is behind this desire for a quick & effective aesthetics treatment?  43% of respondents to the online poll said they wanted a non-cosmetic surgery to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Other reasons for wanting treatments were:       

Improve self-esteem/confidence               43%  

To look as good as I feel                               35%  

Help with weight loss/fat removal              26% 

Combat ageing                                            22%  

To look younger                                            22%  

Convenience and to save time/effort       15% 

Get my body back after having children  11%  

A big event such as a milestone birthday, a wedding, a divorce or starting a new job or relationships were also given as reasons for wanting procedures.

Which Non-Surgical Treatment Is Most Popular? 

Interestingly, the survey highlighted an interest in cosmetic dentistry as the most sought-after treatment, with people looking at teeth whitening, veneers and teeth straightening options. A desire to lose weight, have anti-ageing face treatments and lip fillers were also high on the list – all treatments which are available at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Southampton, Fareham, Winchester, Eversley, Stubbington, Petersfield, Portsmouth and Totton.     

  • Cosmetic dentistry (43%)              
  • Non-surgical facelift (28%)                               
  • Liposuction (28%)
  • Facial skin treatments such as dermaplaning or microneedling (28%)
  • Facial dermal fillers or lip fillers (24%)
  • Chin or neck lift (23%)                
  • Botox (18%)

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