NAD+ Infusion Introductory Offer

NAD Infusion Introductory Offer CJA Aesthetics Clinic Southampton

SAVE On Your First NAD+ IV Infusion Treatment at CJA Aesthetics Clinic in Southampton

We’re extremely proud to be able to bring you the very latest in regenerative and preventative medicine at our Southampton aesthetics clinic.  Widely available and extremely popular in Europe, we have partnered with NAD+ Clinic to become the only clinic on the South Coast and one of the very few in the UK to offer this exciting, breakthrough treatment.

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To find out how NAD+ infusions can transform the way you look and feel, complete the form below to find out more.

Hurry!  The first 20 people to sign up will receive

20% OFF your first treatment
10% OFF all subsequent treatments for life!

NAD+ is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in our body. It turns nutrients into energy and drives crucial metabolic processes by regulating cellular function. It is essential for energy metabolism. NAD+ can directly and indirectly influence metabolic pathways, DNA repair, cellular senescence and immune cell function. These cellular processes and functions are critical for maintaining good physical and mental health, warding off illness and disease and for healthy ageing.

Our NAD+ levels naturally decline as we get older, falling by up to 80% by the time we reach 60.  Scientists have discovered that by restoring NAD+ levels, many diseases associated with aging can be slowed down and even reversed. 

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