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Remove Stubborn Fat Forever with Fat Dissolving Injections from Registered Doctor at CJA Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire

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If no amount of exercise or healthy eating will shift your double chin or bingo wings, we can permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat using fat dissolving injections. 

Deoxycholic acid fat dissolving injections are most effective in removing double chins, ‘bingo wings’, fat on the thighs, back and abdomen.  

The procedure has been approved by the FDA and is generally regarded as safe. You will be required, however, to book in for an in-depth consultation to allow our registered doctors, Dr Chris Airey and Dr Lauren Airey to assess your suitability and devise a treatment plan.

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Non-Surgical Double Chin Treatments in Hampshire

Deoxycholic acid is found naturally in our bodies to promote fat absorption.  By injecting a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid we can stimulate a breakdown of adipose (fat) cells.  This product also has a strong lifting effect which makes it very effective in treating double chins.

Most patients see a reduction in their double chin within 3-4 weeks of their first treatment but the speed with which you will see results will vary, depending on how quickly your body expels unwanted fatty tissue.  The majority of patients will see an improvement by week 12.

Sometimes patients require a course of injections one month apart.  There is very little downtime with this treatment although clients may experience some short-term bruising, redness and swelling. 

Permanent Fat Reduction & Weight Loss Solutions at Registered Clinics in Southampton, Portsmouth & Winchester 

The results of our fat dissolving injections are permanent but please be advised that these fatty deposits can return if you do not support a healthy diet or address any bad eating habits.  This treatment is designed to target fatty areas that are very difficult to eradicate, even with regular exercise. 

If you are looking for help with weight loss, we offer a pioneering weight loss program at our sister clinic CJA Lifestyle.  After a medical consultation with one of our experienced and qualified doctors, you will receive a prescription-only medical appetite suppressant and a reduced calorie nutritional plan. If you follow the plan you can expect to lose an average of five lbs per week. Find out more about our CJA Lifestyle program here.

Which Areas Can You Treat With Fat Dissolving Injections?

Double chin – By injecting fat dissolving injections under your jawline and into your fat tissue, we can destroy the submental fat that is causing your double chin. 

Arms – Many women find their triceps or so-called bingo wings notoriously difficult to tone.  If there is a layer of fat over your muscles, we can break this down using fat dissolving injections.

Thighs – Fed up with the stubborn fat on your thighs?  Book in for a consultation with our registered doctor who can discuss what can be done to give you slimmer thighs.

Back fat – Skin laxity or excess weight can cause us to develop back fat.  This is the fat you may see hanging over your bra straps.  Fat dissolving injections are an effective way to break down back fat.  

Abdomen or stomach fat – Another area which stores fat is the abdomen.  Again, fat dissolving injections into the fatty stomach areas will cause the fat cells to break down and dissipate.

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