An Energy Boost as PB Improves Her Lifestyle

PB has seen an improvement in her energy levels after losing 10lbs with the CJA Lifestyle Body Transformation Package with support from Dr Lauren Airey.  

After reassessing her lifestyle choices and planning what she is going to eat, PB is now eating much more healthilt, cutting down on wine and she has lost the chocolate cravings!

PB says: “I definitely don’t feel like drinking wine the way I have been over the past decade so that’s a definite plus. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few proseccos along the way, but I’d normally have something almost every night. I haven’t eaten/wanted chocolate for the last 4 weeks either. Definitely I think the key for me is planning. I’m actually taking lunch to work with me, instead of buying something there, or going without. Such a simple thing everyone does, but I didn’t.

"My clothes feel better on me, I’ve still got a stomach, but not quite as much, and if I wasn’t such a lazy cow and did some exercise, I know that will help! Also, for the past hundred years, I’ve been sooooo tired. Ridiculously so, no energy or enthusiasm for the grandchildren, in bed by 7.30, very old before my time. I don’t feel as tired anymore, I’m doing more and staying up later.   All in all, I think this has been a great success for me, in more ways than one."